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Access Matters

Learn how to formulate your market access strategies for new drugs, diagnostics and medical devices.  

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Patient Access Solutions

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How Isheo Ignites Patient Access Strategies

ISHEO is committed to supporting access to innovative therapies and Medical Devices through evidence generation, evidence synthesis, HTA and regulatory submission, post-market studies and dissemination activities. 

Our analysis starts by targeting and deepening the understanding of unmet medical needs from a patient’s perspective and working on the value proposition of new therapeutic alternatives to meet the regulatory requirement and fulfil the value perception of the payers.  

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Evidence Generation

Surveys can generate new insight to assess unmet medical needs and the impact of your new treatments or medical applications. Patient perspective consideration from regulatory authorities is widely increasing.

Data-driven market access is the key to the success of innovative companies. Want to focus the real impact of your treatments on the actual clinical practices eliciting patients, caregivers and expert clinicians?

Evidence Synthesis

The synthesis of systematically derived data, as well as real world data, is central to evidence-based medicine and is the foundation of healthcare policy making internationally. Systematic literature review is a vital aspect of the HTA process, ensuring all relevant data are utilized and pooled to allow for important questions regarding efficacy, quality of life, resource use and safety to be answered.

We develop deterministic as well stochastic decision models to evaluate the cost-effectiveness and budget impact of competing interventions, combining data from a diverse range of sources.

Value Proposition

It is critical that data collected on a product is established, documented, and disseminated in a way that provides the end user with reliable and consistent information presented in an easily-understandable format, as even a single online search can uncover several product information sources.

Isheo ensures that if your product is researched the findings are consistent and straightforward across all sources.


Improve access and accessibility to innovative treatments and services by increasing the awareness of specific unmet medical needs.

All healthcare stakeholders can benefit from the dissemination of modern-day advances in medical science. Isheo can help you to build a project and turn it into reality.

EU Market Access Strategies

Isheo supports companies to prepare and submit Value Dossiers in compliance with the requirements of regulatory authorities.

We work on the European level and carry inhouse expertise with EMA Procedures.

National Market Access

Additonally, we also support our clients at the National level liaising with local Health Authorities and Notified Bodies to ensure authorization and reimbursement.

Why Access Matters

Access to current medical advances has a profound impact on the health and quality of life of individuals. Additionally, a robust market access framework helps our healthcare systems to improve health outcomes and businesses to invest in innovative research and development.

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Working With Isheo

Dedication To Innovation

We believe Access Matters to everybody. Through our solutions we help you lay the foundation for new technologies and construct new indicators to assess the impact on healthcare.

Flexibility To Act Fast

Working with Isheo means access to flexible services. Wether that meabs increasing awareness for unmet medical needs, evaluating potential solutions, or executing projects to improve access. 

Scalable To Your Needs

We contribute to the raising standards for Market Access in the evolving life sciences field at every stage; from early development to market authorization.

At the heart of Isheo lies a mindset to stay open to cooperating with everyone, from patient association representatives to clinicians, life science companies and policy and decision-makers. We aim to foster innovation in healthcare and fill the gap in access to medical treatments and healthcare services.

Davide Integlia, CEO & Founder

Ask Us Anything

Please feel free to contact us. We’re always glad to offer you our support,  discuss how to generate new evidences and disseminate results of modern-day advances in medical science.

We will be glad to listen to you, and we will turn back to you with a tailored strategy, a detailed plan of activities, and a mindset to help you advance your goals.

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