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Access Matters

Learn how to formulate your market access strategies for new drugs, diagnostics and medical devices.  

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Patient Access Solutions

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How Isheo Ignites Patient Access Strategies

ISHEO is committed to supporting access to innovative therapies and Medical Devices through evidence generation, evidence synthesis, HTA and regulatory submission, post-market studies and dissemination activities. 

Our analysis starts by targeting and deepening the understanding of unmet medical needs from a patient’s perspective and working on the value proposition of new therapeutic alternatives to meet the regulatory requirement and fulfil the value perception of the payers.  

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Access Strategies

The best access strategies are the ones based on evidence to support payers to make the best choice. ISHEO supports biopharmaceutical companies to plan an effective relationship with institutions and payers, providing the proper evidence to assess the health outcomes economic and organizational impact of advanced therapies, medicine and medical devices. 

Health Economics & Outcome Research

We strive to inform evidence-based healthcare decisions through robust analysis and proven methodologies, focused on measuring and valuing the outcomes of costs and consequences of healthcare interventions.

The ISHEO team develops Health Economics Modeling as CEA (Cost-effectiveness analysis), Discrete event simulation (DSE), BIA (Budget impact analysis), CMA (Cost-minimization analysis) and other related cost-consequence analysis such as Systematic literature reviews and network meta-analyses.

Clinical Outcome Assessments

Clinical Outcome Assessments (COAs) measure outcomes that are meaningful to patients, and describe or reflect how a patient feels, functions or survives.

ISHEO supports research sponsor and investigators, as well as CROs in the co-development, validation, management and data analysis of PRO (patient-reported outcomes), ObsRO (observed-reported outcomes), ClinRO (clinician-reported outcomes) and PerfO (performance outcomes).

Digital Development

ISHEO creates a digital platform that enables payers, physicians and policymakers to assess evidence to inform their policies and healthcare interventions.

ISHEO works on the ISHEO Value APP, a stand-alone platform built on a calculator to assess the impact on costs of specific medical technologies. The team can also provide an on-demand platform for specific communication purposes.

Healthcare Services Evaluation

Through COAs, surveys, focus groups, secondary analysis of clinical and administrative databases, and prospective observational studies, ISHEO supports the generation of evidence to evaluate the quality of service provided and its impact on patients’ care.

This also entails analysis of health management performance and patient’s journey. Discrete choice Experiments can also be used to elicit preferences.


We base our services on building evidence to inform healthcare interventions. In addition, ISHEO promotes and supports the use of social media campaigns, webinars, advisory boards, press releases, and meetings for public debate.

The target is to increase awareness of the specific medical and unmet social needs and disseminate effective policies to support patient access to modern-day advances in healthcare technologies.

Contributing to Healthcare

Through Isheo initiatives, we want to show you how we are involved in scientific communities and contribute to advancing medical innovation and improving patient outcomes.

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Working With Isheo

Dedication To Innovation

We believe Access Matters to everybody. Through our solutions we help you lay the foundation for new technologies and construct new indicators to assess the impact on healthcare.

Flexibility To Act Fast

Working with Isheo means access to flexible services. Wether that meabs increasing awareness for unmet medical needs, evaluating potential solutions, or executing projects to improve access. 

Scalable To Your Needs

We contribute to the raising standards for Market Access in the evolving life sciences field at every stage; from early development to market authorization.

At the heart of Isheo lies a mindset to stay open to cooperating with everyone, from patient association representatives to clinicians, life science companies and policy and decision-makers. We aim to foster innovation in healthcare and fill the gap in access to medical treatments and healthcare services.

Davide Integlia, CEO & Founder

Ask Us Anything

Please feel free to contact us. We’re always glad to offer you our support,  discuss how to generate new evidences and disseminate results of modern-day advances in medical science.

We will be glad to listen to you, and we will turn back to you with a tailored strategy, a detailed plan of activities, and a mindset to help you advance your goals.

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