ISHEO project management approach is the one of PCM – Project Cycle Management, designing all phases and tasks to address the complexity of the environment, while maintaining alignment with the strategy and targets agreed with client.
The quality management system of ISHEO is certified by Accredia as compliant with the standard of ISO 9001:2015

Quality Policy

Research and Consulting Activities

ISHEO Research activities lead to new references, helping all stakeholders of the healthcare systems to better understand the impact of innovation in healthcare.

ISHEO Consulting activities aim to support Biopharmaceuticals and Medtech companies to assess the widest impact of their innovations, and access EU market successfully.

ISHEO Research activities entail evidence collection and evidence synthesis that bring together sources such as manuscripts, surveys, and study reports to enable all healthcare stakeholders to better understand the impact of a innovation in healthcare.

ISHEO organizes regularly Study Forums, Technical Expert Panels and Advisory Boards where key opinion leaders, experts and representatives of institutions and Patient Associations meet to discuss and validate new evidence and launch new challenges for impact assessment analyses.

ISHEO consulting activities support innovative biopharmaceutical and medtech companies in defining the value proposition of their innovations. ISHEO supports market access processes at the European, National and Local Levels.

Isheo Team Core Expertise

The team at ISHEO combines analytical skills with experience in the synthesis of evidence and the development of models that jointly analyse the clinical, economic, and social impacts of a specific health technological innovation.


Types of Health Technologies

  • Medicines
  • Vaccines
  • Medical Devices
  • Surgical Interventions
  • Clinical Interventions

Aspects considered in the Comparative Analysis

  • Safety
  • Clinical effectiveness
  • Economic Consideration
  • Budget Impact analysis
  • Organization Impact
  • Equity Issue
  • Acceptability to health care providers
  • Acceptability to patients