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Clinical Research Academy

Clinical Research Education Services and Consulting specializes in designing and delivering theoretical and practical courses for clinical trials of drugs and medical devices.

CRES – Clininal Research & Education Services

The objective of our courses is to build new skills that enhance the organizations in which our students work. We understand consulting not as an end in itself but as a fundamental intervention to achieve the client’s development objectives .We aim for excellence in clinical research. We think of training as a tool for personal growth and the team in which one works.

CRES Courses

CRES regularly organizes courses for learners who want to acquire new skills and consolidate current skills, complying with current legislation that indicates continuous updates. CRES courses can be made in CME, and for all classes, there is a final test to verify the acquired skills and the certificate’s release.

We understand training as an intervention that goes beyond the learning of concepts and methods, but which allows you to acquire a vision on what to do with the tools acquired, and how to use them to achieve development goals.
We aim to build professionals who are able to reach goals competently, and be promoters of effective solutions, as well as new projects.

Objectives :

  • Application of concepts and skills in case studies that simulate professional reality
  • Consolidation of hard & soft skills
  • Assessment of learning needs, review of objectives, implementation of action plan, monitoring of progress.
  • Insight into ethical principles, current legislation and guidelines


The structure of CRES courses alternates theoretical insights with numerous practical exercises, acquisition of analytical tools, analysis of the regulatory context of reference, analysis of concrete cases, deepening of best practices. At the end of each course there will be a test to verify learning and the issuance of a certificate.

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“Training as a tool for specializing personal skills, and as an ability to work in a team.. “

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Please feel free to contact us. We’re always glad to offer you our support,  discuss how to generate new evidences and disseminate results of modern-day advances in medical science. We will be glad to listen to you, and we will turn back to you with a tailored strategy, a detailed plan of activities, and a mindset to help you advance your goals.

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