What we do

From Evidence Synthesis to Market Access

At ISHEO each project can focus upon one single aspect of the reimbursement and market access procedure, or concentrate to the whole process, beginning with evidence collection to obtain evidence synthesis, and continuing with reaching new references and developing a Dossier to obtaining marketing authorization (MA) or declaration of conformity (DoC).

The team at ISHEO can build and implement evidence-based market access strategies.

Focus Italy – national level 

We support companies to adapting the Dossier for National submission.

Regional and local level

ISHEO is also committed to support companies to gaining full regional and local access, through a dedicated consulting services that combines preparation of tools like:

  1. Regional dossier
  2. Dynamic infografics
  3. PPT for Value Story Presentation
  4. Regional Calculators
  5. Dedicated webApp customized for the specific rules and requirements of each regions.

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