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Patient Reported Outcomes in Clinical Practice

Why are Patient Reported Outcomes becoming increasingly important in healthcare technology access strategies? ūüí䬆¬†Watch the free webinar replay and learn more.¬†

We use Patient Reported Outcomes¬†Measure¬†(PROMs)¬†increasingly in studies or clinical settings to investigate treatment outcomes in the real world and from the patient’s point of view.¬†¬†PROs give clinician and researchers a unique perspective on what is important to patient and can be used in routine practice to enhance patient-centered care, inform treatment management and facilitate communication with patients and among clinicians .

This webinar focused on the use of PROMs in routine clinical practice:

  • Impact of PROMs in routine care
  • Guidelines and challenges to the implementation of PROMs in routine clinical practice
  • Assessing patient health through patient reported outcomes
  • Clinical Stories
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