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Davide Integlia

CEO & Founder of Isheo

I’m a health economist, health sciences consultant and manager with 15 years of experience in pushing the boundaries of healthcare solutions through the design and implementation of clinical research, market access strategies and managing health stakeholder engagement.

My passion and professional commitment have always been dedicated to the ideal of meeting-medical-unmet-needs through the advancement of innovative healthcare solutions: pharmaceuticals, state-of-the-art medical devices, digital therapeutics and interdisciplinary, integrated systems.

In recent years, my work has been increasingly more focused on (but not limited to) the pursuit of breakthrough solutions in the fields of gene and cell therapies, novel therapies, regenerative medicines and pain relief treatments. 

I welcome the opportunity to put my experience at the service of complex, multi-point research and access projects, including:

  • design and start-up of clinical research projects (interventional as well as observational studies)
  • clinical trials management
  • pharmaco-economic analysis and HTA to support Market Authorization of new therapeutic solutions 
  • implementation of evidence-based market access strategies
  • creation of multistakeholder networks and expert elicitation panels for a more in-depth understanding of yet unanswered medical unmet needs 
  • design and implementation of disease-awareness campaigns and educational programs aimed at training and up-skilling teams in corporations, SMEs, Hospitals and Patient associations.

I’m eager to expand my international network and wish to be a catalyst for new connections and synergies among research centres, clinical research professionals, CROs, Academia, Patient Associations, Hospitals and Brands worldwide, committed to pushing the boundaries of the known by envisioning new strategies to ensure healthy lives and promote well-being for all at all ages.

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